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Welcome to Online Fundraising!

Please read all the following information to learn how to best utilize your custom online fundraising link. Included are tips for forwarding to group members, a letter template that can be customized and sent to friends and family, shipping schedule, plus instructions on how to track group and individual sales. Remember, the link is “live” from the time it’s received until December 1st, 2020. If you’d prefer to have it disabled sooner, just let us know. Also, keep in mind that profit checks are mailed on a monthly basis.

Your New Online Fundraising Link

Please login to your New Online Fundraising Account and scroll down. Your custom fundraising link will be located beneath the Fundraising Information area within your account.

Online Fundraising Account (click here):
Your Username: [user_email]
Your Password: [password]

You may also access your online fundraising account and link by going to and clicking “Online Fundraising” located within the Fundraising Programs area. On the next page, click the green oval ‘Click Here!’  button located below the ‘Already have an account?’ area. Enter your username and password to access your Custom Online Fundraising Account. Scroll down to locate your link.

  • You’ll be able to review sales and your profit amount when logged into your Online Fundraising account as well as receive a copy of the order when it is placed. Your 50% profit check will be mailed at the end of each month (starting in September).
  • If your group requires tracking online orders per seller, a separate field is clearly marked within the checkout area to enter the seller’s name.
  • Customers must use a credit card when placing an order, we no longer accept PayPal.

Promote your fundraiser by emailing the link to all group members, and encourage them to forward to all friends and relatives. Post it on your group’s web site, include it on all printed correspondence (newsletters, memos, etc.) and social media (Facebook & Twitter). Potential customers accessing your link by typing the address into a web browser rather than clicking the link must be sure to enter it in the address (URL) field (starts with https), not the search bar.

At checkout, customers enter their credit card and shipping information. There are fields for group name (required) and seller’s name (not required). If tracking individual sales, remind customers to enter the seller’s name at checkout.

New This Fall!

Easy changeover to Spring 2021! At the end of the season, we’ll send an email to inquire about whether or not you’d like to leave your Fall Fundraising link active for the Spring Fundraiser. At your request, we’ll handle the activation of your online fundraising link and you’ll be able to get a jump start on your 2021 Spring Fundraising Program.

Fundraising Award Points

Like our brochure fundraising program, award points (1 per each pkg. sold) accumulate and are credited to your account. These can be redeemed for prizes or a cash rebate. For details, see the back of our order form or click the award tab if downloading the Excel file.

Shipping Information

  • Shipping Charges are based on the number of packages purchased and will automatically be applied to all orders placed through the direct online link.
  • We ship only to the contiguous United States (see map) and do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or foreign countries.

Personalized Templates

Below are templates for both a personalized group member announcement and a personalized customer letter.  Copy and paste the letters into a Word document, revise the BOLD COPY AREAS then copy and paste the revised copy into an email, you’re ready to go!

Thank you for choosing Dutch Mill Bulbs. We look forward to making this your easiest and most profitable fundraiser ever!

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